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Furniture fit outs give your property a wholeness making it just right for moving in. The three packages we offer for developers range from basic to all inclusive which can be used for homes, resorts, suites and more.


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The Stylising Series

“Design has allowed us to stand out; to look different and show that difference boldly.”  - Joe Mansueto

Get your property decorated and designed with the most suitable and contemporary look with just a basic, starter budget.

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The Eye Catcher Series

“Simplicity is about subracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”
 - John Maeda

The Eye Catcher series will incorporate exquisite designer pieces within a medium budget so that you get more out of less. 

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The Avant Garde Series

“Design is not a thing you do. Its a way of life” - Alan Fletcher

Including the most exclusive products and designs, this one is our deluxe collection, giving your property a chic appearance. 


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