Lets go back to basics and find out what exactly Property Styling is, without complicating the whole process!

Property Styling is simply the marketing of a house to capture emotion and offers of potential buyers, thereby selling the house for a higher price, faster and hassle free.

When looking for a home, we are always told shop and buy with logic, yet majority of the time future homeowners buy on emotion. You often hear the phrase ‘It just feels right, we have to get this house’, even though it may not meet all your standards. Home styling therefore aims to evoke this emotional connection with potential buyers.

Nearly 86% of your potential market is looking for properties online which should be your first clue.

Property styling makes the space available for sale more appealing which is essential for posting an ad online. Besides, pictures of vacant properties make the owner look a little desperate and lead to suspicion about the condition of the property in the first place. Indulging in property styling helps you to reach out to a better market and get better rates.

Potential buyers are busy people and after looking at 20 odd properties prior to your house, if it’s not presented in the best way, it’s going to be a long selling process for you.

Save yourself the stress, and invest.

You may think you are saving money, but in fact you can potentially add value and sell in a faster period.

WIN- WIN for everyone.  


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