The way people feel when they walk into your business has a crucial impact on the way they perceive your product or service. To help you define your brand as well as maximise customer experience, here’s a few quick things to consider:


1.      Use Plants- incorporating some plants around a shop front, reception, waiting area or office (to name a few) is a great way to brighten spaces and bring an element of freshness into a room. It could even work to enhance your brand or integrate with your vision, depending on your business. A fantastic bonus of indoor plants is also their health benefits, not only for customers but staff as well.


2.      Incorporate Artwork- making use of vertical space with artwork is a simple yet effective way to increase the presence of your business. Not only does it provide a point of interest and entertainment for customers, it could also aid in storytelling and expressing your vision, through historical references for example. Art also helps to combine and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space, which is one of the first things customers and clients will notice.


3.      Consider Functionality- people love things that have interesting or even multiple functions. If something appears aesthetically pleasing but can be used to carry out a function…you’re onto a winner. It doesn’t have to be too complex; for example, using paper as a table cloth in a restaurant or café so people can draw and play games while they wait.


4.      Play with Textures- unusual and varied textures in a space invite customers and clients to immerse in a tactile experience, which can operate in addition to what they can also see, smell, hear and taste. Textures are also a way to facilitate your brand direction; for example, if you wanted to portray your business in an upmarket and lavish way you would opt for smooth, shiny textures rather than something like raw wood.


5.      Colour- the hues you decorate your space with can say a lot about the space itself. Colour is the perfect way to invite particular feelings and responses from the people that enter your premises, even if it’s just subtle. Colour can also act to facilitate your business vision and work in conjunction with its physical context; for example, if you have a café by the beach you may want to use splashes of blue to heighten that coastal ambience as well as encourage a calming response.



Melissa Louis in Perth, WA, AU on Houzz