A conversation that happens, too often …

“… So what do you do? 

I’m an Interior Designer

Oh, that's amazing, so you pick colours, cushions, and stuff.. yeah?

Umm Yeah, precisely that!! 

For years the world around us continuously changes the label of ‘Interior Designer' and ‘Interior Decorator' - and they shouldn't. So many are obsessed but know so little about the industry. 

Outlined below is a clear and concise description.

Interior Designer Experience

An Interior Designer understands the art and science of user’s behavioural patterns, resulting in creating an environment that feels not only appropriate but also feels functional to support the users.

Interior Designers not only apply technical but conceptual skills to respond to a user's daily life, routine, culture, surroundings, and home. 

As I like to say- ‘A home reflects their users.' 

They have a strong understanding of theory, history, and design principles.

The décor component is the final touch which includes the finishes and fixtures. If unable to discover the ideal piece, i.e., sofa, light fitting, furniture, etc…. your interior designer can design one. 

A designer can look at every detail holistically and make sure that each space has been considered and works harmoniously.

In other words, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.’

Interior Stylist

An Interior decorator will concentrate on specifically colour and texture, to aesthetically transform the space without changing furniture layouts.

If you are currently building and have an architect, don’t shy away from an Interior Designer. Their advice is crucial in the early stages and will help you for future planning.

First time using an Interior Designer? - here is what you can expect, 

+ Conceptual Design – How space looks and feels

+ Design Development – client’s comments from conceptual stage

+ Council submission – Legal documents/ drawings needed for approval

+ Construction drawings – documentation set, for the construction to start

+ Tender documentation – cost estimate of project

+ Construction Admin – Periodical site visits and liaison with contractors 


This now gives you insight into which one you need. 

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