Selling your house can be quiet over whelming and stressful.

It is always the simple things that are often overlooked, we’ve made your life easier by giving you a systematic checklist to make sure, your property presentation is immaculate.

1.       Front Façade Appeal

Where do buyers walk in from? Make sure the front of your property looks inviting, well-maintained.

2.       Focus on the details

Often the minor details are forgotten, make sure you check, clean and tidy windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom cupboards – makes a huge difference and adds to the overall house appeal.

3.       Goodbye unwanted things !!

Mess and chaos turns buyers away from houses. Pick a room and start looking at all the objects, fixtures and fittings you have. Make the buyer feel spacious when they walk in to spaces. Personal items should always be stored away, remember you are selling a house not your home. Incorporate neutral décor and colours, items that will resonate with any audience.

4.       Create that look

If you want to give yourself maximum marketing presence, consider hiring furniture or even engaging with a professional for home styling. Have a read of our TOP NOTES – Property Styling Basics

5.       Mr Fix it

Invest in a handy man, to make sure minor repairs are taken care off – your buyers will be impressed with the condition of property. A fresh coat of paint, always freshens up the interior and removes any scuffs or marks.

6.       Simple, clean and presentable

Wanting to create that sense of openness – add mirrors and lights, keep all doors open and blinds up. Light will aid in overall atmosphere and emotional connection to the house.



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