Have you ever looked at the pictures on Pinterest of your dream home and thought “it’s just so perfect”? We all strive for the perfect home, but the reality is that the more we work on our homes, the more we find issues with what we’ve done, and what we’d like to change.

When you’re designing your home, you should consider how it will look once it’s “lived in”, and not just think about how your home will look behind a camera lens. No home is perfect, but the perfect interior design takes into consideration of space, storage and how the space will be used.

Always consider your storage situation. Minimalism is nice on paper, but in reality, it’s difficult to maintain, so always plan ahead in terms of storage. Ensure you have enough space to keep those items you’d rather not share with your guests such as vacuums and toilet paper out of sight. Practicality is key; don’t let a theme define your space. What may look nice on a screen may not work for you.

You should also factor in the adding of personal items. If your living room is bare, it may look clean and pretty, but it doesn’t show anyone who you are as a person. Although personal items aren’t considered “imperfect”, they’re not something you tend to see in an interior design magazine. Adding personal flair to your home can drastically change the interior’s design. If your bar fridge is empty, your home bar will look incredibly different once it’s full.
Collect your favourite photos and personal items, and scatter them across your home. You don’t want your mantelpiece to look like a shrine, but you’d like to reflect some of your own personality into the house. It’s your house after all!

Small imperfections across your home can be beautiful. Add a vintage tap in the bathroom, or some distressed wood in the living room, which can add personality to your home, and lift it up from its current dimension. If your bathroom is very monochromatic, you can add some vintage tiles to a feature wall, adding some spark to an already aesthetically pleasing space.

Your house is more than just a pretty place to live; it’s your home. You should always look at inspiration for housewares, but never aim to create a carbon copy of that home you saw on Pinterest, it’s simply not possible. No home is perfect, but the ones that have imperfections and touches of personality are the ones that stand out amongst the crowd.

Ally Feiam is the marketing & content creator for MyDeal, an online marketplace with over 25,000 products.


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