It’s that time of year again - Pantone's Colour of the Year was announced, and 2017’s winner is “Greenery”, a fresh and zesty shade that illustrates nature and lush grass. With such a bright colour gaining such a prestigious title, there’s no doubt that it will be scattered across interior trends and fashion trends alike. If you’re a bit of a trend setter, but don’t want to look like a trend “victim”, here are some cute ways you can incorporate “Greenery” into your home

You can start small, with a painting or accent piece of furniture that isn’t too wild or eye catching. Depending on your interior taste, you can choose an accent to fit into your home. Posters, prints and flowers are an inexpensive option for those who aren’t ready to fully embrace this trend, and they’re easy to replace once you’ve grown tired of them. If your home is Scandi-inspired, you can collect books with green spines and place them on a bookshelf; scattered in a minimalistic way.

Complement this yellow-green shade with pale pinks and greys, opting for shades that have neutral or cool undertones so your choice of decor doesn’t look to muddled. You can always mix and match with what you’ve already got. If your home is a bit shabby chic, you can purchase a second hand wooden chair and paint it green, grab some sandpaper and make it look a tad distressed, so it flatters your existing decor.

If you’re feeling bold enough to invest some money into this trend, you can consider purchasing some furniture that reflects the Colour of the Year. You can stick to altering one room alone, opting for an accent piece of furniture in your living room or dining room, such as a bar stool or chaise lounge. You could even go one step further and create an accent wall using the shade of green. There are so many transitional colours that flatter and accentuate this shade, so you can really use this feature wall to your advantage.

Flatter your new furnishings by using other shades that complement Greenery. These include soft browns, pinks, and blues. You can even opt for choosing other shades of green, whether they be lighter, darker, with blue or red undertones, to create depth and dimension to your home.

You can always consider bringing the outdoors in; by incorporating plant life into your decor. Since this year’s colour is so luscious and fresh, why not bring that vibe from things you already have? Plats not only fit seamlessly in with the colour scheme, they also breathe fresh life into your home, reducing carbon dioxide levels, reducing dust levels and keeping the temperature down throughout your house, so you won’t need to put on that air conditioner!  

Greenery is a versatile shade that can blend effortlessly or make a statement against your existing decor. By choosing complementary colours, textures and being a bit creative with your placement of the shade, you can achieve the latest trend in your home without looking like you’re just waiting for the next trend to come around. Incorporating the colour in your home and garden is a great way to add some fresh life into your life. Prepare to see the colour everywhere, this one’s going to be a hit!


Melissa Louis in Perth, WA, AU on Houzz